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Veloccino Shop Rides

Explore Our Beautiful Area By Bike

We love riding our bikes as much as you do!  There are countless beautiful cycling routes that start from Veloccino.  Head west into Carroll County and up to Gettysburg.  Want a hillier ride?  Go north through Prettyboy Reservoir and towards York, PA. East takes you on the rolling hills towards Rocks State Park.   Let us know how far and how hilly you want your ride and we can suggest fantastic routes for you. You can also join us on our shop  rides on the weekends. These rides will be posted on this page the evening before the ride.   

Veloccino Shop Rides

Rides roll at 9am most of the year. We will adjust it as the seasons change to take advantage of warmer or cooler temperatures

There are usually two rides. "A" and "B" 

"A" rides are usually a bit longer (40-60 miles) and tend to average 20-21mph

"B" rides are usually around 30-45 miles and average 18mph.

All of this can depend on who shows up, the weather, season, the moon phase, and the number of croissants in the pastry display so use it as a guide.


Sample image of ride

Sample image

Spring/Summer Shop Rides

Rides roll at 9am!