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Cafe Menu

Ice Cold Drinks

-A wide selection of unique cold drinks 

-Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee on Tap

-Ceremony Nitro Cold Brew on Tap

Barista Creations

With freshly roasted coffee from both Stumptown Coffee in Portland Oregon and Ceremony Coffee from down the road in Annapolis, our baristas will make you a delicious cup. They artfully use an Italian fully manual LaMarzocco espresso machine to make your favorite coffee drink.

-Espresso                      -TCHO Hot Chocolate

-Cappuccino                 -TCHO Mocha

-Latte                             -Too many others to name!

Baked Fresh Daily

These come frozen from two bakeries outside of Manhattan. We bake them throughout the day so they are wonderfully fresh.

-French Butter Croissants

-French Chocolate Croissants

-French Breakfast Croissants

-Italian Cream Cornetto

-Italian Apricot Cornetto



Freshly made sandwiches made with bread from Tribeca Oven outside of Manhattan.

-Smoked Scottish King Salmon,     cream cheese, red onion, capers

-Traditional French Ham, Gruyere,    cornichons, arugula

-Caprese - Roma Tomato           Mozzerella, basil pesto

Ice Cream

Well known for serving up classic flavors along with constantly evolving roster of delightful, small-batch flavors beloved in Baltimore, Taharka Brothers’ award winning ice cream lineup includes favorites like Honey Graham, Mintflix & Chillz, Key Lime Pie, and Caramel Crunch.