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7am-4pm Weekdays

8am-4pm Sat/Sun


Find Us

15007 Falls Rd. at Butler Village

Butler, MD 21023


443-712-RIDE (7433)

The ride includes:

-a quick check over of your bike (optional how to fix a flat/what to carry to fix a flat tutorial)

-a downloadable route of 15-35 miles starting and finishing at Veloccino (10570 Falls Road)

-a guided ride at your pace -- Ride with a deeply knowledgeable former professional (and recent masters national champion) cyclist for a 1-2 hour training ride on local roads starting and finishing at Veloccino Bike and Coffee shop. 

-a debrief session of 15-30 minutes where we talk about any issues we can address to help you get more out of your riding. 

Topics may include where to ride (what are some route recommendations for where you do most of your riding); equipment (such as gearing, tires, safety blinking lights, type of saddle or handlebar, helmet); position (seat height, cleat position, handlebar position); nutrition (before the ride, during the ride, after the ride); speed (how and when to put forth the greatest effort to get the most speed), aerodynamics (especially if you are riding a time trail bike or position), training (how hard and how frequent to make gains). If you are using a power meter, I’d be happy to look at your file with you and dissect how to best apply your power to our route.

What does it cost?

$89.99  for an individual 

$79.99  each for 2 riders (same attention before and after the ride for each rider, but additionally we can work on some group riding dynamics – drafting, sharing the pace, echelons)

We can accommodate larger groups on request (potentially using additional guide riders)

WHY:I want to help you get the most out of your cycling experience 

WHOM do I see this benefitting:

A – the recreational rider (13-16 mph average pace). The goals of this rider will be varied, but I know we can help you with such factors as riding in a group, finding the best and quietest roads, comfort (saddle choice, riding position), improving your handling (descending, turning), finding you a little more speed by applying your efforts judiciously. 

B- the mid-level rider (15-18 mph). Again the goals may be varied, but we are approaching competitive speeds so factors like pack riding, drafting, training to go either a little faster or a little longer, nutrition, where and when to make the biggest efforts on a route.

C – the competitive rider (18 mph+ (though my fastest solo long rides around here top out around 21 mph – its tough riding terrain around here!)). The goals tend to be more unified around this type of rider and they almost all come down to how can I go faster and/or farther. The answers are the hard part as gains are harder to come by and thus require a willingness to look in many areas – SLEEP, recovery, nutrition, frequency and intensity of training, how to dose your efforts for a particular course and aerodynamics just to name a few. I have been in this category for 20 years of riding and racing, so I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about your riding then offer my own advice to help. 

Personal Instruction Ride