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Catoctin Mountains / 2 Bridges Ride

Two challenging instructional rides in some of the most beautiful parts of the Piedmont. Emphasis is on endurance and climbing. Great rides to get you ready for any big goal rides you have this year.

This ride includes a van ride from Veloccino Bike and Coffee to the park (and back!) from which we ride (usually Thurmont). It also includes support during the ride (any repairs and at least one food and drink stop from the van/ more as necessary with a longer or more isolated ride).

The ride itself is guided by Rick (he knows all the roads, climbs, and turns). The ride can include additional guides with enough riders (we prefer a 2nd guide for every 7 riders). These rides include terrain at least as challenging as any around the shop with several climbs that are longer than 10 minutes. 

You show up at Veloccino Bike and Coffee with your bike and your riding clothes (a change for the van ride is also good), we take care of everything else! Typical ride length is 70-80 miles with 6000-9000 ft of climbing.

Strava files of 2 recent Frederick rides:

Click to see a Strava file of a Cactoctin Ride

Click to see a Strava file of another Catoctin Ride

Click to see a Strava file of a 2 Bridges Ride


This full day ride with transportation from Veloccino, training instruction, guide, sag service, and food/drink during ride.$289.99

A one week advance reservation is suggested.
A non-refundable deposit of $100 will reserve your space.
Cancellations or changes in activities can can only be made 72 hours prior to the start date.

Weather delays/cancellations will be made by the guide 24 hours prior to trip.

Minimum of 4 riders with reservations required for day trips.


Catoctin Mountain /        2 Bridges Day Ride

WHY: To help with your endurance and climbing. 

WHOM: do I see this benefitting:
A – the competitive rider (18 mph+ (though my fastest solo long rides around here top out around 21 mph – its tough riding terrain around here!)). The goals tend to be more unified around this type of rider and they almost all come down to how can I go faster and/or farther. The answers are the hard part as gains are harder to come by and thus require a willingness to look in many areas – SLEEP, recovery, nutrition, frequency and intensity of training, how to dose your efforts for a particular course and aerodynamics just to name a few. I have been in this category for 20 years of riding and racing, so I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about your riding then offer my own advice to help. 

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